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“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Albert Einstein

TocTok is an art organisation made up of Oxfordshire artists who work together to creatively deliver, exciting, sustainable and imaginative art workshops and projects in schools and their community. Through creative workshops we empower teachers, children and vulnerable or hard to reach groups to gain creative skills, whilst building confidence and establishing relationships.

Our creative process is about bringing people together,encouraging inclusivity, equality and belonging through a shared experience of art, creating moments of magic that will feed the imagination and change everyday lives.

Art Workshops

The benefits of our multi-art form projects/events/workshops…..

Help celebrate and raise the profiles of your group.
Bring people together from culturally diverse backgrounds.
Create a better understanding of varying beliefs and traditions.
Showcases people’s artwork.
Encourages creativity in an inclusive and supportive environment.
Creative success inevitably boosts self-esteem and nurtures the confidence to tackle anything.

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TocTok is and Oxford based arts organisation delivering sustainable and creative art workshops to children, youth, special needs, adults and old people in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and further. Encouraging strong and genuine participation through the arts TocTok gives people opportunities to access arts processes, creative thinking, life skills and establish relationships.
TocTok delivering sustainable art workshops to children’s and adults in Oxfordshire Berkshire Buckinghamshire Northamptonshire and further